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Damawand.com is an adventure and cultural tour operator founded in Iran, which is works as Incoming Tour Department of “Arya Poonel Gasht” Tour & Travel Company, is a fully officially licensed tour operator as registered, active Iranian Government , annually hosts many of people from every country and we’re proud that most of the passengers were satisfied with our services and they tend to introduce Damawand.com to their friends and acquaintances.

Our vision

With a wealth of over 30 years of experience in tourism, we are proud to provide exceptional mountain, desert, nomadic services, visiting the cultural and historical sites in a sustainable and safe way.

  • Organizing and handling all kind of tour
  • Making necessary reservations
  • Transportation
  • Applying visa
  • Organizing and handling : Iran classic / cultural tours.
  • Organizing and handling : adventure tours such as: Mountain climbing, Trekking, Rock-climbing, Ice-climbing, Ski Climbing Ski-Touring & Inside Piste-Skiing, Caving, Mountain biking, Water sports.
  • Organizing and handling Nomad’s Life tours.
  • Organizing and handling Desert Safari Expedition & Camel riding Tours
  • Organizing and handling classic together with adventure tours.
  • Making necessary reservations.
  • Booking all Hotel, lodge, local house, camps
  • Transporting from IKA Airports to all of Iran / Return back.
  • Planning all kind of tours.
  • Providing Expert Guides and Porters.
  • Supplying Residence Facilities (meal & Food, bedroom, bath & anything you may need or order).
  • Supplying Delivery Vehicles to the Base camp, Shelters and back.
  • Guiding to the Tourism Regions like cave, Hot Spring Waters…
  • Guiding for Off-Piste Skiing in its Seasons. .(Damavand , Alam Kouh, Tochal, Dizin, Shemshak, Pooladkaf, Sepidan)
  • Hotel Booking in All Iran Cities.
  • Sending Invitation Letter / Applying for Getting Visa from Iran.
  • CIP & VIP Facilities
  • Group Transportation
  • Guide & Interpreter
  • Medical & Health Tours
  • Packing Tour
  • Specialized Tours
  • Sport Tours
  • Tailor-Made Tour
  • Sightseeing & Excursion
  • And any single thing you plan we would run it




To many Westerns the word Persia is at once evocative of the image of a land of far away and long ago, of ancient monuments and beautiful works of art – carpets, tiles, fine ceramics, miniatures and metal work. It also evokes a present reality in the heart of Asia, a land of joining both geographically and spiritually the Mediterranean world with the Indian subcontinent.

And Persia is indeed such a reality, a world ancient and contemporary, linking the heartland of Asia and the cradle of Western civilization, a bridge between East and west. Moreover, through the heart of its traditional culture, it has always been a bridge between heaven and earth, reflecting the color of its luminous skies and of its most famous stone, the turquoise, the stone for which Persia has been known perennially throughout the world.


History of Damavand

Just on the southern coastal part of the Caspian Sea, Damavand which is considered as a complete cone-shape volcano has been situated in the middle part of Alborz Mountain Range in north of Iran. Damavand Volcano’s height is 5609 meters which has been considered as the highest volcano in Asia. Damavand mountain is a silent volcano with a very small activity.

Damavand’s first recorded ascent in 905 was carried out by Abolfazl-e-Krazi. Three centuries later, Yakut, the great Byzantine / Arabian Jawzjan, tried to climb Mount Damavand but did not reach the summit. However, his local guides had informed him of the status of the summit and were in “Dictionary of Geography” and was perfectly consistent with the geographic reality. At the same time “Ebn Esfandiar” noted that the ascent from “Abe Aske” in two days. Climbing Damavand were not uncommon during the early 13th century, before the “Mongol” invasion under “Hulagu Khan” everything destroyed before it. At the time of “Thompson’s” ascent in 1837, “Thompson” mentions this in his article in the Royal Geographic society magazine of 1838, The Iranians are heading to Damavand to collect sulfur. Which is mentioned in “Naser Khosro” travelogue.

Generally, for travelers who visit Iran the historic and pristine Mount Damavand as the highest mountain in the Middle East is attractive and many of them come to Iran to climb Damavand by a Damavand tour or individually.

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