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6 Popular Iran Trekking Routes Guide

Iran’s incredible peaks and ranges offer a selection of peaks and trails that cater to mountain lovers of all tastes and expertise levels. The two main mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, boast over 4000 and 3000 peaks, respectively. Iran is home to Asia’s highest volcano, Mount Damavand, the country’s highest peak, at 5610 meters. The country’s mountains offer breathtaking Iran trekking routes and big epic walls. This blog post will guide you through 6 popular Iran trekking routes.


Iran Trekking Routes on Mount Damavand

The first mountain on our list is Mount Damavand. Located in the north of Iran, it is the highest peak in Asia and Iran’s highest volcano. This conical-shaped mountain resembles Japan’s Mount Fuji and enjoys several hot springs on its south face. Conquering this 5610-meter giant is the dream of every Iranian who steps into the world of mountain climbing. Mount Damavand climbing tour is a good choice for those looking for a +5000 summit, as it has ascending routes that demand average technical skill. The different camps and facilities make it one of Iran’s dreamiest and most popular summits. You can ascend it from the southern, northern, and northeastern faces or go for more adventurous experiences. A  Mount Damavand ski tour can be the one you are looking for!



best Iran trekking routes



Iran Trekking Route on Alam Kuh, the Most Technical Mountain

Alam Kuh is located in a picturesque region in the north of Iran. It is Iran’s second-highest mountain and the second one on our list of best  Iran trekking routes. This mountain is not all about trekking; it is more about flank and big wall climbing. The northern face of Alam Kuh is home to the country’s most technical and challenging big wall, which has been attracting rock climbers from around the world. This big epic wall has won the mountain the title of the K2 of Iran.
Alam Kuh’s many Iran trekking routes have become popular destinations for mountaineers of different tastes and expertise levels and one of the top Iran trekking routes. The southern face (Hesarchal) is the most scenic and the least challenging of the routes. However, the northern face (Siah Sang) is one of the most difficult Iran trekking routes, with a high demand for scrambling that makes it not suitable for all types of trekkers.


Mount Sabalan, Iran’s Most Beautiful Trekking Routes

Mount Sabalan is located in northwest Iran, the country’s third-highest summit. It is also one of the best treks in Iran, featuring the breathtaking beauty of nature and an abundance of hot springs. This potentially active volcano has a crater lake on top of its highest peak, frozen over for most of the year. There are three main trekking routes to summit Mount Sabalan: the southern face, the western face, and the northeastern face (the most common). For your first ascent and first experience of Iran climbing routes, it is recommended to take the northeastern route because it has a distinguishable path, and you can even get a ride from the beginning of this Iran trekking route to the hut with a 4WD.


Sialan Mountain, The Land of Attractive Valleys and Springs

Sialan Mountain is located in northern Iran and offers trekkers an opportunity to trek through green forests of popular Iran trekking routes. On one side, Sialan reaches the breathtaking Daryasar Plain, and on the other, it extends to the legendary Alamut Valley. You can summit Sialan from different routes. The first route starts from Esel Mahalleh Village and is the longest but the most beautiful and rewarding. The second route begins in Haniz village and extends northward. There are also several other ridge routes that will lead you to the summit from the adjacent peaks. Depending on which route you choose,


Zard Kuh, The Highest Iran Trekking Route in Iran (Zagros)

Located in the Zagros Mountain Range in western Iran, Zard Kuh (4548m) is the highest point in the range and the fifth-highest peak in Iran. Unlike the other mountains on this list, Zard Kuh has a more remote location and is less visited by tourists. However, this mountain offers a unique trekking experience with its pristine landscapes and challenging routes.
The trek to this popular Iran trekking route requires excellent physical fitness and mountaineering skills, as the ascent involves steep ridges and scrambling sections. The best time to climb this amazing Iran trekking tour is during the summer months, from June to September.


Oshtorankuh, The Challenging Iran Trekking Route

Oshtorankuh (4150m) is one of the most challenging peaks to climb in Iran, making it a favorite among experienced mountaineers. The mountain is located in the Zagros Mountain Range, in the western part of the country. It features a stunning landscape with steep ridges, and snow-covered peaks. The trek to the summit of Oshtorankuh requires excellent physical fitness and mountaineering skills, as the ascent involves steep ridges and scrambling sections. The best time to trek in this Iran Trekking route (Oshtorankuh) is during the summer months, from June to September.


Last Words

Iran is a hidden gem for trekking enthusiasts, with several top Iran trekking routes.  With the assistance of an experienced Iran adventure tour operator, your next trekking adventure in this stunning country will be even more memorable. Discover the peaks and trails of the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges, with something for everyone, from the highest volcano in Asia to the most technical mountains in Iran. Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or a beginner trekker, Iran’s diverse landscape offers a trek that suits your skill level. Enjoy on a dreamy and popular climbing experience by travel to Iran with the support of an Iran adventure tour operator for your next trekking adventure.