Iran tourism . Travel Iran . Tehran the capital city
Iran Tourism: Explore the Beauty of Persia
August 14, 2023
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Iran tourism . Travel Iran . Tehran the capital city
Iran Tourism: Explore the Beauty of Persia
August 14, 2023
best skis
Best All-Mountain Skis of 2024 | All-Mountain Ski Buying Advice
November 9, 2023

Alborz Mountain Range in Iran

The Alborz Mountain, also known as just the Alborz, are big hills in the northern part of Iran. Imagine them like a long chain of mountains that goes from the border of Azerbaijan, near the Caspian Sea, and then bends towards the northeast.

These mountains are like three parts of a big puzzle – the Western Alborz, the Central Alborz, and the Eastern Alborz. The Western Alborz is close to the Caspian Sea’s western side, while the Central Alborz goes along the entire southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The Eastern Alborz heads to the northeast, reaching the northern part of the Khorasan region.

Now, let’s talk about a super special mountain in the Central Alborz called Mount Damavand. It’s the tallest mountain in all of Iran, standing really, really high at 5,610 meters! That’s like stacking more than 18,000 toy blocks on top of each other. Mount Damavand is so special that it’s the 12th most important mountain in the whole wide world. Imagine it like being the 12th coolest mountain on the planet!

So, these Alborz Mountains in Iran are like a giant playground of hills, and Mount Damavand is like the king of the playground, standing tall and proud!


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The origin of Alborz Mountain

Long, long ago, there was a legendary mountain named Hera Barziti in a place called Avesta. The word “Barziti” meant tall, and people in Persia still use it today. The beginning part, “hera,” comes from old languages and means care and guard. In another old language called Pahlavi, the name changed to Hara Borz and then finally to Alborz.

Alborz Mountains, along with their neighbor, Kopet Dag, started as fiery volcanoes. Picture them like a giant wall rising up from the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. Among these peaks is Damavand, the tallest in Iran at 18,934 feet (5,671 meters). In Persian stories, Alborz is a special place where heroes and gods hang out.

Tehran, a big city, sits on the south side of Mount Damavand. Other tall peaks like Alamkuh, Takht-i-Suleiman, Khalno, and Tochal also stand proudly in the Alborz Mountains. On average, these mountains are 9,000 feet (2,730 meters) high.

Alborz range isn’t just tall; it’s the birthplace of rivers. The main one is Kizil Uzen, flowing through valleys and joining Shah Rud before reaching the Caspian Sea. Another river, Sefid Rud, cuts through the western end of the mountains. Some smaller rivers pop up on the southern slopes but vanish in the northern Salt Desert of Iran.

On the foothills of Alborz lies a special place called Bandar Anzali, near the Caspian Sea. It’s famous for Iranian Caviar, like fish eggs that people love. The city of Rasht, not far away, connects by rail and oil lines. On the other side of Alborz, there’s a city called Bandar Turkman, close to Turkmenistan. It’s a busy place where trade and talking between the Middle East and Central Asia happen, just like in the old Silk Road stories.



The mountain ranges of Iran


Flora and fauna of Alborz

The Alborz Mountains in Iran have two sides, like a big hill. One side, the southern part, is usually very dry with not much rain. But the other side, the northern part, gets more rain and is very good for growing things, especially in Gilan province.

Up high on the southern part, like in Damavand, there aren’t many trees. There are a few, like the Juniper tree, and some other plants like pistachios, maples, and almonds. But if you go to the northern part where it’s more fertile, there’s a special kind of forest called the Caspian Hyrcanian forests. This forest is like a magical green land with lots of different plants.

In the western valleys of the Alborz Mountains, near the Sefidrud river, you can find wild cypress and olive trees. These are special trees that grow in that area.

Now, let’s talk about the animals and birds living in the Alborz Mountains. There’s the bezoar ibex, which is like a wild goat, and Blandford’s fox, Rappel’s fox, and red fox, which are like clever little dogs. There’s also the Persian fallow deer, wild boar, Syrian brown bear, Persian leopard, Indian wolf, buzzard, goose, woodpecker, griffon vulture, and eagle. These creatures make the mountains their home.

A long time ago, there used to be a special animal called the Caspian Tiger. It lived near the Caspian Sea and in places like Central Asia, northern Afghanistan, and even in western China. But now, we don’t see them anymore.

So, the Alborz Mountains are like a big home for many different plants and animals, and each part of the mountain has its own special things.



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Ski resorts of Alborz Range

Because the Alborz Mountains have lots of snow in the winter, there are many cool places to go skiing. People who really like skiing say that some of the best ski resorts in the whole world are right there in the Alborz Mountains. The names of some of these awesome places are Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, and Darbandsar.

Imagine these places like big playgrounds covered in snow, where you can slide down the hills on skis. Dizin, Shemshak, Tochal, and Darbandsar are like super fun spots where you can have the best time sliding on the snow.

Dizin is like a snowy wonderland where you can ski and play. Shemshak is another cool place with slopes that make you feel like you’re flying. Tochal is like a snowy adventure land, and Darbandsar is a special spot where you can have lots of fun in the snow.

So, because the Alborz Mountains get so much snow, these places become amazing ski resorts where kids and grown-ups can enjoy the snowy magic together!


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Famous Alborz Mounts, summits, lakes and attractions

Let’s Explore the Amazing Mountains and Places!

Mount Damavand: A super tall mountain in Amol, Mazandaran. It’s like a giant in the land of Iran.

Tochal Mount and Summit: Another cool mountain with a tippy-top part where you can see everything below. It’s like being on top of the world!

Tangeh Savashi: A super cool place that lots of people love to visit. It’s like a big adventure land.

Alam Kuh: A mountain in a place called Alborz. It’s part of a big range of mountains. Imagine big hills all hanging out together!

Alamut: Another awesome place! It’s like a secret world hidden in the mountains.

Dizin: This is a special place for skiing and having fun in the snow. It’s like a giant playground for winter fun!

Ovan Lake: A super cool lake where you can see the water and maybe even some fish. Lakes are like big puddles, but much, much bigger!

All these places are in a special group of mountains called Alborz Mounts. They’re like nature’s playground with big mountains, cool places to visit, and even a snowy spot for winter fun! If you ever visit Iran, make sure to check out these awesome places. is one of the famous Iran adventure tour operator that can take you on fun trips for Iran trekking and bike riding in Alborz mountains. You can go in any season, and we’ll plan the trip for you. We think about the weather, so it’s important to be strong, bring the right stuff, and wear the right clothes for any surprises. Being healthy and having the right gear helps us enjoy the trip without any problems.


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